Keshavarz Automation Machinery-ADAK Machine

Manufacturer of Sorting, Filling & Packaging Machines And Weighing based Automation Systems

Granule Filling Machine For Coffee, Rice And Nuts inside the Doypack

Providing optimal solutions for filling and packaging lines for granules and solid products such as cereals, coffee beans, rice and nuts in a wide range of packaging such as metal cans, plastic and glass bottles, doypack pocket , sacks and other flexible packaging.

 Suitable for :
Rice And Cereals
Coffee Beans
Dried Fruits And Vegetables
Pet Food

Powder Filling Machine For Coffee Powder, Cocoa And Spices

Providing optimal solutions for filling and packaging lines for various powdered materials such as flour, coffee powder, cocoa, Nescafe, masala and other powdered beverages, sugar and salt in various types of metal and cardboard cans and glass containers and doypack pocket and other flexible packaging.

 Suitable for :
Coffee Powder
Cacao Powder
Instant Drink Powder
Vitamin Powder And Pharmaceutical Supplement 
Calcium Carbonate

Counting Packing Machine / Tablet, Capsule And Softgel Counter

Provide suitable solutions for packaging countable products such as chocolates and sweets, snacks, biscuits and cookies, smarties and gum, tablets, capsules, and soft gels, and other food and pharmaceutical products that can be counted in various packaging such as metal cans, plastic and glass bottles, doypack pocket, open mouth pockets, and other flexible packages.

Suitable for :

Tablets, Capsules, and Soft Gels
All kinds of Chocolates, Snacks, Cookies, Gum, and Pastilles  
All kinds of Vitamins
All kinds of Sachet and packaged pads (secondary packing)   
All kinds of Treat for pets

Filling and Sealing Machine For Powder And Liquid Materials (Pick Fill Seal)

Design and production of special Pick Fill Seal machines for filling and packing all kinds of powders, liquids, and condensed liquids such as cream, yogurt, margarine, butter, honey, and jam, also powder materials such as Nespresso coffee, hot chocolate, Masala, herbal teas in recyclable packaging such as glass, buckets, and aluminum and plastic boxes that are automatically separated, filled and sealed.

 Suitable for :
Powder materials such as Nespresso, Coffee Powder, Hot Chocolate, Masala, herbal teas 
Jams and mixed Fruits
Processed dairy products such as condensed Milk, Cream, Yogurt, and Ice Cream
Butter, margarine, and honey

Automatic Doypack Filling And Sealing Machine

 Providing suitable solutions for packaging various powdered and granular products such as coffee beans and coffee powder, milk powder, nuts, and dried fruits, spices, fruit juices, pastes, sauces such as mayonnaise, honey, syrup, and related products in different types Doypack pockets such as straight pouch, spouted pouch with top cap, shaped pouch and…

Suitable for :

Coffee beans and Coffee powder 
Cacao Powder
Dried fruits and nuts  
Fruits Juice  
Sauces such as mayonnaise
Honey and juice   


Automation and monitoring of machines and industrial factories based on standard fieldbus protocols such as Profibus, Profinet, EthetCAT, Modbus TCP/RTU, etc

Implementation of weighing and dosing automation systems and batching plants

Continuous weighing systems such as sorting, checkweigher, belt weigher, etc

Providing efficient solutions for sorting and separation of products with the simultaneous use of image processing and weighing systems

Offering the best solutions for secondary packaging for countable products

Design and Implementation control panels based on PLC & HMI systems for all types of filling machines single weighing to multi-head fully automatically with the highest accuracy and speed.

Monitoring and control of weight, temperature, pressure, etc of all types of tanks, hoppers, container